SMART System Propane Tank Fuel Level Monitors

Technology, Safety and Propane Delivery

The Safety Monitoring and Reliability Tracking System

The Kamps Propane SMART monitor keeps your propane delivery service on time so you get reliable propane service.

The Kamps Propane SMART monitor keeps your propane delivery service on time so you get reliable propane service.

Safety, savings and comfort are the three essential elements of service for our customers. We believe that technology offers us the opportunity to deliver all three through our SMART system. The SMART (Safety Monitoring And Remote Tracking) System is a tank monitoring system that allows us to remotely monitor the fuel level in our customers propane storage tanks.

The safety benefit is terrific. With a SMART system connected to your tank and our remote monitoring system, we can watch for any unusual activity that might indicate a problem. The system can warn us when your fuel level changes quickly or if the temperature in your home drops dramatically. Either event could signal a significant safety problem. The SMART system gives you the peace of mind that comes from having extra precautions to maintain your safety.

When it comes to savings, the SMART system represents our commitment to being the best propane company in California. We know that in order to offer reliable propane delivery and the lowest propane prices possible, we need to be exceptionally efficient. SMART system data tells us when you need fuel so we can plan your delivery before it becomes an emergency. Routing our deliveries using the SMART system reduces our fuel expenses and we can pass along the savings as a discount for you.

Comfort is the element we want you to notice when we’re your local propane delivery company. When you count on us for safety and savings, your comfort becomes the measuring stick of our performance. On-time deliveries that happen without any effort on your part. Fast, friendly service when you need help. Turn up the thermostat when the weather gets cold. Take a hot shower after a long day. Fill your kitchen with the aroma of fresh-baked cookies before the kids get home from school. We’re in the comfort business and the SMART system helps us keep you happy.

How Does It Work?

The SMART Reader is installed on the propane tank, and reports the tank percentage to the SMART Display. The SMART Display sits inside your location, and is attached to a phone line, where it will send the information gathered from the SMART Reader to Kamps Propane.

Customer Benefits
  • Existing ROUTE customers receive .05 cent per gallon *discount.
  • The SMART Display shows you the tank fuel level, outside temperature, inside temperature and time.
  • The SMART Display reports to Kamps
    • Low Fuel Level
    • Unusual usage (possible equipment problem)
    • Low inside temperature (freeze warning).

*certain restrictions apply

Installation Instructions

SMART System Installation Guide

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