E-Z Saver Budget Payment Plan

Simplify Your Budget with our E-Z Saver Plan

No heating bill chills – just 12 equal monthly installments

It really is that simple. Our E-Z  Saver payment plan eliminates the pain of high winter heating bills by turning them into 12 equal monthly payments. 

  • Make every New Year a little happier with no Santa-sized January propane bill
  • Make every tax season less difficult with no Uncle Sam-sized late-winter March or April bill
  • Makes your monthly energy budgeting E-Z!
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With our E-Z Saver program, your account history is used to calculate a projection of your supply needs for the next year. This amount is divided by 12 to create equal monthly payments to make your energy bills predictable and manageable. Your monthly payments can be collected using one of our auto-payment options (EFT or credit card) and your deliveries are efficiently scheduled through our routed service. You want service that’s so good it’s worry-free? E-Z Saver is designed for easier service, budgeting, and payment!

Some restrictions do apply. Your account must be credit approved in order to qualify.  Your annual usage calculation is periodically reviewed and if your consumption changes we will adjust the payment to account for the difference.

To find out more, fill out our contact form below or call your local Kamps Propane office and speak with one of our helpful support team members. They can answer any other questions you have (see the Frequently Asked Questions below) and perform the account review to estimate your monthly payment if you want to “get with the program.”

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Learn more with our E-Z Saver FAQs

Q: Can anyone sign up for the E-Z Saver program?

A: Eligibility is not guaranteed. Accounts must be credit approved, be on routed service, and consume a minimum of 200 gallons per year to qualify for the program. Other restrictions may apply; contact your local office for details.

Q: I am already on the EZ Saver program, do I get the $50 credit?

A: At this time, the $50 credit is only for customers who have not previously signed up for the savings and convenience of the E-Z Saver program. We do have other ways for you to receive a $50 credit on your account – like our Customer Referral reward.

Q: When can I enroll in the E-Z Saver Program?

A: The enrollment period for the E-Z Saver Program is April, May, and June. Contact your local office during this period to find out if your account qualifies and what your monthly payment would be.

Q: How do I sign up for E-Z Saver?

A: Contact your local Kamps office and speak with one of our Customer Service Representatives. They will verify your eligibility and send you the enrollment paperwork. Once you sign the enrollment form and send it back to our office, we will get you set up on the program.

Q: Is my monthly payment locked in once I am on the program?

A: No, E-Z Saver payments are not locked in. It is important to note that the E-Z Saver plan estimates your annual usage for the upcoming year, based on your previous delivery history. Your account will be periodically reviewed to make sure that your payment is consistent with your usage; if your usage changes from what is projected or the price of propane changes more than expected then your monthly payment may be adjusted. For example, if we have estimated you will use 450 gallons of propane a year, and your usage suddenly increases so you will use more than what we estimated, your monthly payment would be raised so you do not end up with a large balance owing on your account.

Q: Do I have to sign up for automatic payment?

A: Automatic payment is not required for the E-Z Saver program; however, if you would like to take advantage of one of our automatic payment options for convenience and peace of mind you are certainly welcome to do so! Contact our office if you would like to sign up for electronic withdrawals out of your checking account or to keep a credit card on file.

Q: I prefer to call in for my deliveries. Can I be on the E-Z Saver Program?

A: Unfortunately, accounts on will-call service are not eligible for this program. The E-Z Saver program must be set up for routed service in order to efficiently maintain the supply of fuel to your home and accurately estimate annual usage.


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