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We provide drive-up propane service for our RV customers as well as catering vehicles, roofing contractors, and many farm and business customers. It’s also the inexpensive way to refill your barbecue cylinder. If you are filling up a cylinder smaller than 20 pounds or topping off a partially empty cylinder, please be aware that we have a minimum charge. Our offices are open from 8am-5pm on Monday-Friday but if you are in a hurry it’s always good to call ahead to confirm that a technician is available to fill your tanks when you arrive. You are also welcome to leave your tanks for refilling and pick them up later the same day.

Safety tips for transporting propane tanks
  • DOT certified propane tanks (the kind you can transport in a car or truck) must always be transported in an upright position.
  • A DOT cylinder is equipped with a pressure relief valve that is designed to vent if the contents of the tank expand due to temperature change. If this occurs while the tank is not standing up the tank could vent liquid propane which expands at 270 times its liquid volume into gas. This is an extremely dangerous situation which you must prevent by transporting propane tanks in their upright position.
  • Carefully secure your tanks so that they will not move (fall over or roll) while in transit.
  • The National Fire Protection Association Code 58 limits the total amount of propane that can be transported inside of a car (including the trunk). We cannot allow you to purchase more propane than you are legally allowed to transport. The maximum volume is 20 gallons (total water volume capacity of the cylinders) which equals four 20# cylinders.
  • We sell propane cylinder stablizers to help you keep your tanks secure – please ask about them.
Propane Tanks Refills – Key-lock System Access

For your convenience, frequent users can arrange for a key lock system, allowing you to fill up at any hour, putting your fuel on your monthly billed Kamps Account. Key lock systems are available at select locations and require credit approval. Contact us at (888)526-7701 for information about key-lock system access!

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