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No matter where you build in California, the expectations of buyers in today’s market demand an array of gas appliances. All the solar and wind energy in the world will not satisfy the desire for lifestyles that include spa-experience bathrooms, commercial-grade kitchen appliances, fireplaces that ignite by remote control and patios that offer year-round relaxation spaces. From tankless water heaters and high-efficiency furnaces to restaurant-grade cooktops and outdoor kitchens, California home buyers want gas in their homes.

Zero Net Energy home building won’t change the way people want to live but it will change the technology that builders integrate into new homes. In addition to photo-voltaic solar panels and high-quality exterior insulation, new homes will also demand the most efficient propane gas appliances. For energy savings and ultra-low emissions, the best choice will depend on the location, size, and budget of the specific home and buyer. Here are a few of the propane systems we encourage builders to embrace and install.

For cost savings – On-Demand Hot Water Heaters from Rinnai

For cooking and comfort – Kitchen Appliances and Fireplace Inserts

For safety – Standby Power Systems

At Kamps Propane, we know our local builders need help when it’s time to determine the best alternatives and technologies for building homes that are desirable, livable and affordable.

Kamps Propane is a helpful resource for builders who need a reliable propane service provider that can help with cost-effective and convenient energy solutions.  From project planning and permitting assistance to tank installation and appliance testing, we make propane easier for Builders. For assistance with your project, please call us at (888) 526-7701.

How Does Kamps Propane Assist California Builders?

  • We share information – download our guides from the Propane Education and Research Council for helpful insight about building with propane.
  • We deliver propane & install propane tanks – when you need propane on the job site we’re ready to help you with temporary heat and tank installations.
  • We can help with building permits if your project calls for an ASME (above or underground) propane tank we can assist you with specifications and code compliance so you get the permit you need.
  • We can provide temporary (pre-sale) propane service for your appliance installations, inspections, and open house. Turn to us for propane service and the whole process gets easier!

The Propane Pod for Builders

The concept is simple. Every home should have a core level of gas appliance functionality to maximize the efficiency of energy sources and the comfort of the people who live in the house. The Kamps Propane version of the Propane Pod is a furnace, water heater, and stove, clothes dryer or fireplace powered by propane. These propane gas appliances are the most efficient solutions for their applications making the Propane Pod a lifestyle enhancement and energy-saving choice.

But there’s more. The Propane Education and Research Council and Western Propane Gas Association offer rebates for propane appliance purchases that can help you save money when you equip your new home or remodel with propane appliances. Ask us about Propane Pod rebates and how you can qualify to access this valuable program!

If you have any doubt about the intense love affair homeowners have with their gas appliances, talk to someone who lived in a gas home and move into an all-electric home. They will tell you about how much they miss their gas kitchen. Or about the feeling of warm air coming from a heater vent on a cold morning. Or about the fireplace that brought flickering light to their living room. All happy stories, all fueled by propane.

What is the electric alternative? In the kitchen, all-electric means a lower sale price. For heating a home, the electric heat pump means a higher bill for heating without any of the comfort that comes from warm air flowing around the house. An electric tankless water heater can’t keep up with a propane tankless water heater and it costs more to operate too. Electricity is great for powering devices but it’s an inefficient and ineffective choice for creating heat. Propane is a terrific companion fuel for ZNE homes because it offers high-efficiency BTU performance and low emissions to minimize the carbon footprint of the home.

So look at the resource guides on the upper right-hand side of this page and download the materials that match your market opportunity and goals.


  • Call us for help when you are getting ready to build a project in an area without natural gas.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Propane Pod concept and discuss the options with your buyers so you can make your projects energy-efficient and lifestyle compatible.
  • Get connected with us so we can maximize your savings and convenience on the job site!
You can do this and we can help – contact us today for more information about building with propane. Start by calling (888) 526-7701 today!

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