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Kamps Propane is Your Alternative Energy Solution For Lower Farm Fuel Bills

Propane fueled irrigation engine Central CaliforniaPropane is the best alternative fuel choice for agribusiness in California. For the majority of agricultural propane uses, the season for fuel usage is the opposite of the propane heating season. The economic opportunity for California farmers, ranchers and dairymen is to dramatically cut their fuel bills by switching to propane. In addition, propane’s lower emissions offer a tremendous environmental benefit that often creates additional economic incentives. Finally, propane is difficult to steal so it reduces the expenses associated with fuel theft.

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Consider the following reasons why you should be switching to a propane.

  • Propane is less expensive than gas or diesel fuel. Hands down.
  • Propane engines offer flexible power so you can irrigate with your motor running at the RPM you need – you can’t do that with a Tier4F diesel engine.
  • Propane is a closed system fuel – it virtually eliminates loss from theft.
  • Propane burns cleaner so you get cleaner air, reduced engine wear and lower maintenance costs.
  • Propane is environmentally safe – if you spill propane, it evaporates without contaminating soil or water.
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Propane Irrigation Engine Cost Savings Calculator

Want a fast estimate of your potential savings from a propane irrigation engine? All you need to do is use the Propane Education & Research Council’s propane irrigation engine calculator! Plug in your current engine horsepower rating, the number of hours you run every year and your current prices for propane and diesel fuel and the calculator will show your savings over a year and five years. We can help you connect with the reputable engine dealers who service your area so call us today for more information!

Compare Electricity Costs – Propane-Fueled Generators vs. Electricity Monopolies

We hear about this all the time. Tier 1 rates. Tier 2 rates. Standby charges. To make matters worse, you can’t understand the bill (and sometimes they can’t either). The fact of the matter is that unless you are buying electricity from an irrigation district or co-op, your electricity bill is probably giving you headaches and hurting your bottom line.

Look into the cost per Kw of electricity created with a propane-fueled generator. Compare the fixed cost of a system you can run whenever you want vs. what you are paying the power company. The savings add up quickly and the equipment pays for itself.

Incentives for Ag Propane

When it comes to agribusiness management, saving money is always a top priority. Propane is the one fuel solution that has saving money right at the top of the list. Economically, it’s always less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuel (by at least $1 per gallon). Environmentally it’s a better fuel because propane combustion produces significantly fewer tailpipe emissions. From an operations perspective propane reduces engine wear and extends maintenance intervals so it makes engines last longer. Politically speaking, 90% of American propane is produced from the extraction of natural gas in America so the price of propane is not connected to the stability of foreign countries.

There are a variety of incentive programs funded through the Propane Education & Research Council. In addition, the Western Propane Gas Association funds a limited number of rebate programs. Finally, the State of California and Federal government periodically offer tax incentives related to the use of alternative energy sources that reduce emissions. These programs are typically funded on an annual basis so ask us about rebates and we’ll find out what’s available and how you can qualify.

What can propane do for your operation?


Propane engines run for years – you’ll save on fuel and engine maintenance!

  • Lower your fuel bills while investing in a clean American alternative energy.
  • Reduce your equipment maintenance expenses (hours and parts) and extend your engine life cycles.
  • Reduce your emissions and help you qualify for tax incentives!
  • Eliminate fuel shrinkage by choosing a closed system – no spills, no waste and no theft.
  • Earn marketing benefits by promoting your “green” management practices and controlling your fuel budget.
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