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Save on Propane with Kamps Propane Discounts and Appliance Rebates from PERC

When you add up the money you pay to keep your house comfortable, it makes sense to get every discount you can. Kamps Propane discounts knock down the cost of your propane bills without sacrificing the quality of service you get or the safety you need. Call us today at 888-526-7701 and we’ll help you create a package of services and discounts that will make your propane bill easier on your budget.

You can also save on new appliances when you take advantage of Propane Education and Research Council rebates for propane-fueled appliances including propane water heaters, clothes dryers, furnaces, stoves/ovens, fireplaces, and generators. These rebates vary depending on the appliance type and but you can learn more about this year’s PERC propane appliance rebate programs by CLICKING HERE.

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Here are examples of the discounts you can bundle to lower your retail price.

SMART System Discount

Our Safety Monitoring and Reliability Tracking (SMART) System will monitor your propane tank and transmit the fuel level % to the system display in your home and to our central monitoring system via your land-line phone connection. The system reports your fuel level and home temperature so we can deliver fuel when you need it (at or below 30% of tank capacity). Our SMART System helps you with enhanced safety protection in addition to qualifying you for an additional * $.05 cents per gallon discount.

EZ Saver Plan Discount

Big bills in the Winter will be a thing of the past with our EZ Saver Plan. We will average your yearly usage into 12 monthly payments. To ensure your payments are consistent with your usage, your account will be reviewed periodically.

EZ Saver customers also can receive a * $.05 cents per gallon discount.

Interested in the EZ Saver Plan? Sign up months are April, May, and June. Request EZ Saver
*certain restrictions may apply

Auto Pay (EFT) Discount with EFT

Tired of having to write checks and mail your payment? We can help!

By signing up for the Auto Pay (EFT) plan, we can automatically transfer your payment from your checking account for your deliveries, service work, or EZ Saver Plan payment.

Auto Pay (EFT) customers also can receive a * $.05 cents per gallon discount.

Interested in signing up for the Auto Pay (EFT) plan? If yes, sign up for Auto Pay (EFT).
*certain restrictions may apply

Credit Card Autopay Discount

Prefer to pay your bill with a credit card? We can process that payment for you by automatically charging the credit card of your choice for your delivery, service work, or EZ Saver Plan Payment.

Credit Card customers also can receive a * $.05 cents per gallon discount.

Interested in signing up for the Credit Card plan? If yes, sign up for Credit Card Autopay.
*certain restrictions may apply

Senior Savings

Kamps offers customers over the age of 55 a * $.05 cents per gallon savings.

Are you over the age of 55? If yes, sign up for the Senior Savings Propane Discount.
*certain restrictions may apply

Reward Card

Customers enjoying Routed Delivery service with a working SMART System, the EZ Saver Plan, and Auto Pay or Credit Card plan can enjoy the Reward Card Program.

Benefits include 10% off appliance purchases, parts, and service labor. With a working SMART System you also benefit from the “Never Run Out Guarantee”, if you run out of propane, Kamps will fill your tank at *no charge.

Interested in signing up for the Reward Card? Complete this form, and a Kamps representative will contact you.
*certain restrictions may apply.

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