Cylinder Exchange

Kamps Propane provides propane cylinder exchange services for commercial and agricultural use.

  • Do you send your employees to buy propane at a local retailer?
  • Does your propane provider fill your forklift tanks on your property?
  • Do you understand the liability associated these two decisions?
  • Does your insurance company know what you are doing?

It’s time for you to let us show you how to save money and time with our safer, easier, inexpensive cylinder exchange service!

Call us today (888)526-7701 for a free consultation with a local account manager at your office.

Our convenient propane tank exchange service is frequently used for these applications.

  • Forklift fuel – propane for warehouse forklift trucks
  • Outdoor power equipment – propane for mowers and landscaping equipment
  • Heaters – propane for construction, shop heating and outdoor events
  • Catering – propane for food trucks and catering operations

Propane cylinder exchange is economical

Kamps Propane cylinder exchange service pays for itself. Call us and we’ll send an Account Manager to your office to show you the savings. You’ll see that when we add up the cost of idle equipment, employee downtime and offsite fueling it pays to let us deliver full propane tanks to you. Propane cylinder exchange is the economical, safe and reliable way to keep your employees doing their most profitable work.

We deliver to customers requiring 4 or 5 propane cylinders as well as customers needing 100 or more cylinders exchanged weekly!

Call us at (888)526-7701 and we’ll show you how to save on propane and increase productivity. It’s fast and easy to set up a new account so call today!

Propane Cylinder Exchange Options and Details

  • Additional propane forklift cylinders available if needed
  • Forklift cylinders in exchange service consist of 33# and 43# bottles
  • All propane cylinders in exchange are maintained by Kamps Propane
  • Cylinder storage cages and storage racks available (varying cylinder capacity)
  • Automatic delivery schedule (adjusted as needed)
  • Propane safety training and cylinder safety classes are always available at no charge.

Qualify for Federal tax credits with Clean American Energy!

Register with the Internal Revenue Service as a qualified user of liquid propane as an alternative energy source and you can qualify for a tax credit of $.50 per gallon! Use this form (IRS form 637) to register and this form (IRS form 4136) to claim the credit.

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