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Kamps Propane & Independent Decisions

Consider the example of Allinson’s Propane in Valley Center.

“For us, selling was about more than just the price. We built our company on our name and that represented respect for our employees and customers. Kamps Propane sincerely respected our steadfast commitment to the people who made our retirement possible.” 

Ron Allinson

The Allinson family story is a terrific example of how independent propane company owners can successfully transition into retirement. After a successful career learning the business working for other people, Ron and Linda Allinson opened Allinson Propane in their home town of Valley Center. They worked hard to establish a reputation for honesty and treating their customers and employees with respect. Over time they gradually hired a small group of dedicated employees. Ten years down the road they had created an independent success story right out of the American dream playbook.

But there is more to life than just building a great business. Ron and Linda love animals and gradually assembled a menagerie that needed their time and attention. When their lives got full enough to discuss retirement, the big question became how would they look out for the people who helped them achieve their dreams.

So their retirement conversations were about their employees and customers, not just their family and future of their company. They spoke with other independent company owners and initiated conversations with some of the publicly-traded national companies who wanted to acquire their business. Each of these companies sent a representative. As the decision makers, Ron and Linda preferred to deal directly with decision makers.

When they called us, we came to listen and learn. From the first meeting on, each step included decision makers. The conversations demonstrated integrity and respect for everyone involved in the decision to be considered. It was a dialogue that clearly came from an independent perspective. In the end, Ron and Linda knew that their employees and customers would easily transition into Kamps Propane. John Kamps and Ron shook hands over a fair price.

The Allinson Propane team still works in Valley Center

“Looking back,” Ron reflected two years later, “I would say that everything went as we agreed and we’d do it all over again the same way. We still live in Valley Center and our old customers are still our friends. Our gas is delivered by our former employees who are still working for Kamps. We know we made the right choice.”

Ron and Linda built an independent company and it remains independent to this day. Their success story is an example of how an owner can sell their company, keep their friends and retire in security knowing they really made the right decision.

If you own an independent propane company you may be thinking about the same process and decision that brought Ron and Linda to Kamps Propane. We welcome you to contact our President Terry Ayres to discuss your company and your goals. You can reach Terry at our office in Manteca by calling (209) 823-8924 ext 5002.


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