TO:                        Kamps Propane Customers

DATE:                          March 23, 2020

SUBJECT:                    Coronavirus/COVID-19 Preparedness

Kamps continues to closely monitor the coronavirus/COVID-19 (“COVID19”) situation. At this time, we are considered an essential business and as such will continue to support our customers by making normal scheduled propane deliveries, responding to emergency calls for leaks, appliance issues involving heat, hot water, and cooking will be all we can service. Kamps is prepared for crisis situations and has in place a business continuity plan along with incident response plans to address crisis situations if they arise. Specifically, in relation to COVID19, Kamps continues to monitor and follow the CDC guidelines and is engaged in an active protocol of prevention, monitoring, and preparedness which includes the following:



  • Robust communications to all Kamps employees regarding CDC prevention guidelines with additional communication to operations for implementing enhanced prevention protocols.


  • Enhanced prevention protocols enacted in all field locations.


  • All field locations practicing social distancing.


  • Visitor/guest restrictions and protocols put in place.


  • Group meetings conducted by conference/video conference.


  • Nonessential domestic travel and all international travel is prohibited.


  • Strict reporting requirements for all Kamps employees regarding travel and potential exposure followed by appropriate quarantine action.


  • Offices have been closed to the public.


  • Propane filling at the local offices has been suspended.


  • Delivery personnel have been instructed to limit contact with customers including NOT obtaining signatures on delivery invoices.


  • Service limited to emergency mitigation only, including leak repair, Hot water, Heat, cooking, repair.


  • New customer tank installations will not be done at this time but scheduled as soon as the situation returns to normal.


Kamps management will continue to closely monitor this situation and respond appropriately to ensure the safety of our workforce and the continuity of our operations.



March 18, 2020

For the safety of you, our valued customer, and our staff we will be closing our offices to customers until further notice.

There will be a designated drop box outside the office or slot in the front door if you would like to drop off a payment or other paperwork to the local office.  

Please remember payments, delivery or service requests or other billing inquires can be done by one of the following ways:

  1. Over the phone – CLICK HERE to see a list of our office phone numbers.
  2. Via computer or smartphone – CLICK HERE to use our online help request.
  3. On our website payment portal – CLICK HERE to visit our online billing and payment system.

We appreciate your understanding during this time. We must keep the safety of our customers as well as our employees our #1 priority.

Thank you,

Kamps Propane

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