Propane for Lawn Care and Landscaping Professionals

Propane for Landscaping Professionals and Institutions

Roush CleanTech F-250 trucks reduce emissions and fuel bills for Kamps Propane

In addition, propane powers lawn mowers, tractors and other landscaping equipment without any loss of power so you can switch to propane without changing the way you run your equipment. As an added benefit, you can count on the reduced emissions and lower maintenance costs of propane-fueled engines. It all adds up to the 21st century alternative fuel you need. Affordable. Effective. Clean.

  • Rebates from the Propane Education & Research Council will help pay for your mowers!
  • Propane is less expensive than gas or diesel fuel which lets you use the money you save for a better purpose
  • Propane offers equal power so you can cut, dig, haul or lift the same way you can with gas or diesel fuel
  • Propane is a closed system fuel – no spilling, waste or loss from shrinkage
  • Propane burns cleaner so you get cleaner air, reduced engine wear and lower maintenance costs

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Propane for Golf Course Mowers and Maintenance Equipment

Propane mower fuel delivery service

Propane engines cost less to operate and run cleaner than gas or diesel.

When it comes to the economics of golf course management, the priorities are almost always in conflict with the resources. Propane is the one fuel solution that resolves a series of challenges. Economically, it’s always less expensive than gasoline or diesel fuel (by at least $1 per gallon). Environmentally it’s a better fuel because propane combustion produces significantly fewer tailpipe emissions. From an operations perspective propane reduces engine wear and extends maintenance intervals so it makes equipment last longer. Politically speaking, 90% of American propane is produced from the extraction of natural gas in America so the price of propane is not connected to the stability of foreign countries.

What can propane do for your golf course?

  • Lower your fuel bills while investing in a clean American alternative energy.
  • Reduce your equipment maintenance expenses (hours and parts) and extend your engine lifecycles.
  • Reduce your emissions for the benefit of your members and employees – your employees will thank you!
  • Eliminate fuel shrinkage by choosing a closed system – no spills, no waste and no theft.
  • Earn marketing benefits by promoting your “green” management practices and controlling your fuel budget.

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Calculate Your Savings With Propane-Fueled Mowers

When you do the simple math on fuel cost savings you’ll want to schedule a free consultation with one of our Account Managers. The Propane Education and Research Council’s mower fuel cost-comparison calculator is a simple and effective way to jump-start your investigation into the economic benefits of propane-fueled mowers and outdoor power equipment. If you need help with the numbers, call us at (888) 526-7701 and ask to speak with an Account Manager today!

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