At Kamps Propane, delivering propane is our service.

Kamps Propane delivers clean burning propane to homes from 12 offices in California.

Need home delivery? Get a red, white, and blue Kamps Propane bobtail on the job!

We deliver propane to our wide assortment of customers around California but our success is built on a foundation of safely serving our customers and keeping them happy.

We believe in safety, courtesy, and meeting your high expectations.

  • Every customer deserves to be greeted politely and treated with courtesy.
  • Every delivery should be made professionally and on a timely basis.
  • The safety of our employees, customers, and the communities we serve is our 1st priority.


Residential Propane Delivery Service

Clean American Energy for your Home

We deliver propane for the home energy needs of our customers in California. Propane is an environmentally clean fuel that efficiently powers water heaters, furnaces, stoves, ovens, and clothes driers. Our residential propane delivery service is the safe and simple way to keep your home energy budget under control. You can rely on us for affordable propane prices, reliable propane delivery service, and the best propane safety standards. We believe that the privilege of serving our customers is reflected by their satisfaction. Our long-term employees and customers know that our goal is to build lasting relationships. For safety, service, and savings, you can stay with Kamps Propane. For information about propane delivery service for your home, please call (888) 526-7701.

Commercial & Bulk Propane Service

Clean American Energy for your Farm or Business

Bulk propane delivery for agricultural or commercial purposes is a big deal for us. We understand that your fuel delivery isn’t about having warm toes or baking cookies. It’s about bringing in a profitable harvest. It’s about beating your competition to the market. It’s about keeping your customers. You need propane delivery to happen on time, every time. You need pricing that reflects a partner in your success, looking out for your bottom line. You need a propane delivery service that keeps you, your employees, and your customers safe. We get it. Turn to us for propane delivery – we’ll show you how our reliable service is your affordable solution. For information about commercial propane service for your business, please call (888) 526-7701.

Propane Cylinder Exchange Service

Forklift, Heater & Mower Fuel

Our propane cylinder exchange service sets the standard for convenience and savings in propane fuel delivery. Our propane cylinder exchange gives you reliable propane delivery, safe propane storage, and economical propane pricing all in one convenient service. For warehouse operators, our forklift propane delivery is much safer than direct filling propane tanks. For restaurant owners, our 20lb cylinder exchange keeps the cold off your customers with a minimum operating expense. For lawn maintenance professionals, our mower gas delivery service cuts your fuel costs while helping you reduce emissions from your fleet. No matter the reason you need propane, our cylinder exchange service is fast, reliable, and affordable. For information about our propane cylinder exchange service for your business, please call (888) 526-7701.

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