Residential Propane Delivery

Propane Delivery Service for Your Home

Reliable, Affordable Propane Service for Home Heating

Kamps Propane delivers clean burning propane to homes from 13 offices in California.

Need home delivery? Get a red, white and blue Kamps Propane bobtail on the job!

Since 1969 Kamps Propane has prided itself in offering a variety of propane services to keep you comfortable and safe at home. Whether we are helping you to heat your home, prepare a family dinner or enjoy a hot shower, we provide the clean American energy that keeps your home life comfortable.

Kamps Propane is the only company offering the SMART System, a remote tank monitoring system that reports your supply level to our routing system. Our SMART system can also send you a weekly email update on your propane supply level and usage. We offer SMART systems at no additional cost for our routed customers. The SMART System reports your fuel level through a phone connection (using either your existing landline phone or via one of our cellular devices).

Delivery Options

Automatic (or Routed) Delivery:

Routed (or automatic) delivery service offers you the convenience of automatic scheduling of your deliveries. It also includes our tank monitoring system at no charge to you; in fact you can save up to .10 cents per gallon with this delivery option. With Routed Delivery you will be on the 24 hours ‘Keep Full’ Service with Kamps Propane.

*certain restrictions may apply

Will Call:

Order your propane on an as-needed basis. You will need to monitor your own tank, when the tank reaches 30% call in to order a propane delivery (check with your local Kamps Propane office for minimum delivery). Our Customer Service Representative will schedule your delivery on the designated delivery day for your area. Will Call orders must be placed far enough in advance to accommodate delivery routing to your location. Will-call is not a priority delivery.


Kamps offers both above-ground and underground tank installations. For general tank information, click here.

All residential installations include the following:

  • Complete leak test and safety check performed at the time of installation
  • Routed delivery with SMART System
  • Customer Savings Programs
  • Emergency service provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Safe, Friendly, Reliable Service

If you need a propane tank for your home, please contact your local Kamps Propane office for more information.

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