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We sell propane and refill propane cylinders at our dispenser on Reese Road

We sell propane and refill propane cylinders at our dispenser on Reese Road

Kamps Propane serves Sacramento, Placer and Yolo Counties

Our offices in Sacramento, Rocklin, and Walnut Grove are perfectly located to offer efficient propane delivery service for residential, agricultural and commercial propane users in the Capitol city, Delta, and Sierra foothills. We offer propane tank installation, propane cylinder exchange services and bulk propane delivery in addition to offering propane autogas and on-site propane tank refills.

We deliver propane to homes without natural gas service, businesses and farms. To the east we deliver to Folsom and Rancho Murieta. To our west, we offer propane delivery service to families, farms and businesses in Woodland, Davis and Dixon. To the south, we deliver propane in Walnut Grove, Clarksburg, Courtland, Acampo, Woodbridge, Thornton and Galt. On the northern side of Sacramento, we offer propane delivery service in Lincoln, Pleasant Grove and Rio Linda. Our goal is to deliver the best propane service available to every customer we serve in the Sacramento Valley.

For affordable propane delivery service, please call us in Sacramento at (916) 685-6591

We deliver propane, install propane tanks and provide propane services for residential, commercial and agricultural customers around Sacramento and Placer counties. Our goal is to provide economical, reliable propane delivery service and ensure the safety of our customers and employees.

Kamps Propane is the only local propane company in Sacramento offering the SMART System, a remote tank monitoring system that helps us keep you safe. The SMART system is available at no additional cost to our customers so we help you get the most reliable service and the lowest prices possible for professional propane delivery.

For information about our SMART system and propane tank installation discounts call us toll-free at (916) 685-6591!

We offer discount programs to help our customers keep their propane bills low. Ask us about the following discounts.

The Kamps Propane SMART monitor keeps your propane delivery service on time so you get reliable propane service.

The Kamps Propane SMART monitor keeps your propane delivery service on time so you get reliable propane service.

  • Senior Discounts for people 55 and older
  • Routed Delivery
  • SMART System (landline)
  • Auto Payment by credit card or EFT
  • EZ Saver budget plan

We allow our customers to bundle discounts to get the best possible propane pricing. Some restrictions apply so please call us in Sacramento at (916) 685-6591 for details about discounts and pricing.

We offer propane users around Sacramento the following delivery service options to allow for the best service at your home, farm or business.
Routed Propane Delivery Service:

This service offers you the convenience of automatic scheduling of your deliveries. It also includes our tank monitoring system at no charge to you; in fact you can save up to .10 cents per gallon with this delivery system. With Routed Delivery you will be on the 24 hour ‘Keep Full’ Service with Kamps Propane. Routed delivery is the simplest way to keep your propane supply from running out and to buy propane at the lowest price possible. *certain restrictions may apply

Will Call Propane Delivery Service:

Order your propane on an as needed basis. You will need to monitor your own supply and when the tank reaches 30% please call us at (916) 685-6591 to schedule your delivery. We’ll schedule your delivery on the next designated delivery day for your area. Remember that your delivery can take up to 10 business days so be certain to call with enough lead time to prevent your supply from running out. The majority of our negative reviews on Google and Yelp come from “Will-Call” customers who ran out of gas because they did not order far enough in advance. We want you to be warm and happy but if you don’t allow us enough advance notice when you need a will-call delivery you may end up living in the world of cold showers and cold dinners.

Propane Tank Installation Services

Kamps offers both above ground and underground tank installations. For general tank information, click here. All residential installations include the following:

  • Complete safety check performed at time of installation
  • Routed with SMART System or Will-Call delivery options available
  • Customer Savings Programs
  • Emergency service provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Fast, Friendly, Reliable Service

If you are interested in leasing or purchasing a tank, please contact us at please call us toll-free at (916) 685-6591 for more information.

Technology, Innovation and Propane Delivery Service – The Kamps Propane Advantage
Efficiency is a key goal for the delivery and consumption of energy. Just as our customers manage their thermostats to save on fuel bills, we strive to use technology to measure and improve our efficiency as a company. We use GPS monitors on our trucks. We deploy SMART monitors on propane storage tanks to assist in the timely delivery of fuel. We do our best to combine an old-fashioned recipe of friendly service with the best modern technology available so that we can consistently offer safe, reliable, affordable propane delivery.

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