Little Kamper Refillable Propane Tanks for Camping and Tailgating

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Do you spend time cooking outdoors while camping or tailgating?
Do you use disposable propane tanks for your BBQ or camp stove?
Would you like to save $$$ and stop throwing away propane tanks?


Choose Little Kamper refillable propane cylinders for camping

Little Kamper propane cylinders are the smart choice for camping fuel.

Meet The Little Kamper Refillable 1lb Propane Cylinder

  • Perfect for outdoor cooking at your campsite, tailgate party, or picnic table!
  • The Little Kamper pays for itself because you only buy the tank once!
  • It’s an economical and environmentally smart way to buy camp fuel.

Propane is the ideal camp and tailgate fuel choice

If you love cooking outdoors, propane is the smart choice when it comes to tailgate parties, picnics, or camping. Here’s why.

      • Propane is easy to use – with propane camp fuel, there’s nothing to pour, prime, or pump.
      • Propane is inexpensive – refillable propane cylinders are the affordable camp fuel solution.
      • Propane is eco-friendly – clean-burning propane cannot contaminate soil or water.
      • Propane is convenient – propane is sold at Kamps Propane offices and many retail stores.
      • Propane is safe – propane cylinders are manufactured to high standards set by US DOT.
      • Better than charcoal – propane is less expensive and much easier to use than charcoal.
      • Better than white gas – propane is easier to use and less harmful to the environment than white gas.

Disposable Propane Tanks Are Not Worth What They Cost.

When you buy a 1lb disposable propane tank, the packaging (the tank) costs more than the contents (the propane). Once you use the propane, the cost of recycling the container is higher than the value of the steel. Glass bottles and aluminum cans get recycled. 1lb propane cylinders are often tossed in the landfill.

For the managers of our National, State, Regional, and local park systems, this represents a problem. More people use propane for cooking in our parks every year. The high large quantity of disposable propane tanks left in park system trash containers creates an expense that takes park budget dollars away from better priorities. The disposable propane cylinder needs to become the choice of last resort in order to relieve the parks of this burden.

The Little Kamper solves the biggest problem associated with using propane as a camp fuel – the environmental consequences of disposable propane tanks.

The Little Kamper will save you money – here’s how.

Let’s say you buy a total of five camping cylinders a year. We’ll say that three of them come from a discount retailer for $3.00 apiece. Another is purchased in a convenience store for $4.99 and the last comes from a vacation retailer at the cost of $6.99. That means you paid $21.48 for 5 cylinders.

Now let’s say you buy two Little Kampers for $12.99 each. Our Exchange Fee is $1.99 per Little Kamper. For two Little Kamper purchases and three Little Kamper exchanges, you’ll spend $31.95.

After that, you’ll pay only $9.95 total for 5 Little Kamper cylinder exchanges at the Kamps Propane office near you.

In the 1st 5 years, you’ll save enough to get a whole year’s worth of gas for free. Or you can buy twice as much propane for camping for the cost of disposable propane cylinders. Every time you refill your Little Kamper, you save money.

The Little Kamper Will Help Save Our Parks – Here’s how.

We seek the experience of being outdoors as a way of spending time with our loved

Use refillable propane tanks like the Little Kamper instead of throw-away propane tanks.

This is not environmentally friendly.

ones in places where things are simpler. We camp in the mountains, along rivers, and by the beach. These precious spaces belong to all of us and we each must accept responsibility for their care. Reducing the volume of disposable propane cylinders that we purchase and eventually throw away is a great step in that direction. Choose the camping fuel solution that reduces pollution.

Visit us and get your Little Kampers!

We have 12 locations to serve you – from the San Francisco Bay (Hayward and Antioch) to the Central Valley (Sacramento, Walnut Grove, Manteca, Delhi, and Dinuba) to the Sierra Foothills (Placerville, Pioneer, and Sonora) and San Diego County (Alpine and Ramona).

Our offices are open Monday – Friday from 8 am-5 pm. We’ll have Little Kamper propane cylinders pre-filled and ready for purchase and exchange when you bring them back empty.

Get the bright green cylinder for your next camping trip or tailgate party. It’s the smart way to cook outdoors!

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