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SMART System


Kamps Propane, a propane industry leader, brings to you the SMART System.  The SMART System is a tank monitoring system that allows Kamps Propane to remotely monitor tank fuel levels.

The SMART Reader is installed on the propane tank, and reports the tank percentage to the SMART Display.  The SMART Display sits inside your location, and is attached to a phone line, where it will send the information gathered from the SMART Reader to Kamps Propane.

Customer Benefits

v  Existing ROUTE customers receive .05 cent per gallon *discount.

v  The SMART Display shows you the tank fuel level, outside temperature, inside temperature and time.

v  The SMART Display reports to Kamps

o    Low Fuel Level

o    Unusual usage (possible equipment problem)

o    Low inside temperature (freeze warning).


*certain restrictions apply

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