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General Tank & Equipment Terms


Cylinder - Propane cylinders come in many shapes and sizes. They can be horizontal or vertical, made out of steel or aluminum. The most common use for a propane cylinder is on a gas grill, but they are also used when it is necessary to provide fuel in a portable manner, like on a forklift or a travel trailer. Under most circumstances, propane cylinders are refilled at a resale fuel dispenser.

Fuel Storage Tank - This is the propane tank that is used to supply your propane to your home. These storage tanks come in different sizes and shapes. They can be installed aboveground, or in certain situations, belowground.  Most of our customers lease these tanks for a nominal tank rental fee. If you are a routed customer, your tank is automatically filled and sized based on your usage.


Gas Supply Valve - The gas supply valve is the main valve used to control the gas supply to your home. For details on how to turn off your gas supply valve, visit our Emergency Procedures page.

Pigtail - This is the copper tubing used to connect your storage tank to the regulator. It is often referred to as a “pigtail” due to the coiled shape it takes when installed.

Pressure Relief Valve - Much like a regulator, a pressure relief valve is designed to regulate pressure. However, instead of maintaining supply pressure to your home, its job is to control excess pressure in the propane storage tank and/or piping. When excess pressure builds inside, the relief valve opens to vent this pressure to the atmosphere. Once this pressure is relieved the valve automatically closes.


Regulator - This safety device is designed to regulate the gas pressure to your home. Through a series of springs and diaphragms, pressure is reduced and evenly supplied to your appliances. It is recommended that you replace your regulator every 15 years or when it has been removed from service for any extended period of time.


Resale Fuel Dispenser - Most of you are familiar with the cylinder on our BBQ. When that tank, or cylinder, is empty and needs to be refilled, you must visit a resale fuel dispenser. We proudly supply several resale fuel dispensers in our service area. If you would like to know where the one closest to you is, please refer to our resale fuel locator.


Tank Fuel Gauge - Propane tanks have a gauge under the lid that display the amount of fuel remaining. It reads in percentage of the tank remaining and not in gallons. For example, if the gauge reads 50, then there is 50% of the tank remaining. If you had a 250-gallon tank, you would have approximately 125 gallons of propane still in your tank.

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