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SMART Display FAQs

·         How much power does the SMART Display use?

o    It uses very little power.  Typically it uses less power than a small digital alarm clock.  The display is the only part that is active when it is not receiving an update from the SMART Reader, recording the internal temperature or making a phone call.


·         How accurate are the fuel level and outside temperature readings?

o    The outside temperature may vary depending on if the tank is shaded or not.  The temperature is accurate to within 2% when it is read.  Remember that the SMART Display is only updated every 3 hours, so the reading may be as much as 3 hours old.


·         When does the SMART Display use the phone?

o    Under normal circumstances, it only makes one call per day (in the middle of the night).  The phone call lasts less than one minute, and is made to a local number.  If something unexpected occurs on a fuel level reading it may make a short phone call to inform Kamps of the situation.


·         Where does it call?

o    After the SMART Display is installed, it will call and 800 number and request its configuration information.  This includes a local number for the SMART Display to call for its normal nightly reports.


·         Will the SMART Display ever answer the phone?

o    No.


·         What happens if I accidentally disconnect the SMART Display from power, or we have a power failure?

o    When power is restored, the SMART Display will self reset.  It will detect a dial tone and return to it’s normal state.


·         What happens is the SMART Display is disconnected from the phone line?

o    Kamps will notice that there have been no updates from your system and contact you.


·         If the SMART Display displays an unreadable message, what should I do?

o    Contact Kamps.  They may help you to reset your SMART Display.


·         What is the SMART Display monitoring in my house?

o    The SMART Display monitors only the indoor temperature.


·         Can the SMART Display be used to report if my indoor temperature goes too low or too high?

o    The SMART Display can report unexpectedly low temperatures, but the SMART Display does not have a high temperature alarm.







·         Does the SMART Reader require batteries?

o    No.  It has a small solar panel which gathers enough light to power the SMART Reader even during cloudy winter days in full shade.


·         How can I tell if the SMART Reader is working?

o    The SMART Reader has no lights, buzzers, or status indicators.  If the SMART Display does not receive a periodic update from the SMART Reader, it will make a phone call and relay the problem to Kamps.  There is no need to do anything as the home owner.


·         Who should I contact if the SMART Reader is damaged?

o    Contact Kamps.  If it is physically damaged (broken case, damaged cables, etc), it may still be working but may not be as reliable as it should be.


·         Is there anything in the SMART Reader that can hurt animals or children?

o    No there are no sharp edges, no dangerous voltages, and no chemicals in the SMART Reader.


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