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Propane Cylinder Exchange Service - Propane Tank Exchange

Kamps Propane provides propane cylinder exchange services for commercial and agricultural use. The propane tank exchange services are frequently used for common applications.

  • Forklift fuel - propane for warehouse forklift trucks
  • Scissor lift fuel - propane for indoor and outdoor hi-reach lift equipment
  • Floor buffers - propane for floor covering maintenance equipment
  • BBQ Gas - propane sold at independent retail establishments for LP gas BBQ grills.

We deliver to customers requiring 1 or 2 propane cylinders as well as customers needing 100 or more cylinders exchanged weekly!

Propane Cylinder Exchange Options and Details

  • Additional propane forklift cylinders available if needed
  • Forklift cylinders in exchange service consist of 33# and 43# bottles
  • All propane cylinders in exchange are maintained by Kamps Propane
  • Cylinder storage cages and storage racks available (varying cylinder capacity)
  • Automatic delivery schedule (adjusted as needed)
  • Propane safety training and cylinder safety classes are always available at no charge.
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