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Commercial / Agricultural / Bulk Propane


Kamps Propane has served an extensive and diverse group of businesses and farms for over 40 years. As a propane supplier, we understand the importance of reliable propane delivery, professional service and consistent fuel quality. We can help you with commercial, industrial and farm applications. Our trained staff is ready to help design, install new systems or troubleshoot and service equipment you already have. As a company, we are big enough to tackle almost any project but small enough to care about every customer and their success.


Commercial/Agricultural propane uses include


  • Forklift propane - forklift propane cylinders and forklift propane tank exchange.
  • Space Heating - propane space heaters and space heater propane for events.
  • Fleet Fuel Propane – Autogas - fleet propane for trucks, vans and busses.
  • Food Service Propane - propane for food trucks, restaurants and catering.
  • Propane Cylinder Exchange - for BBQ Gas, forklift propane tanks and floor buffer tanks. 
  • Temporary Construction Heating - propane heating systems for contractors.
  • Crop Drying - propane fueled crop driers for seasonal crop processing.
  • Cotton Gins - propane fuel for cotton gins.
  • Dairy water heating - propane for dairy farms & large capacity water heaters.


Bulk Propane Service


  • We deliver only premium grade propane into installations of all sizes.
  • We own our dedicated propane transports and can deliver to large LP gas bulk storage facilities.
  • Our propane engineering service department can install and repair all types and sizes of propane systems designed for commercial and industrial use.
  • Automatic Delivery service and remote fuel level monitoring system.
  • Different size propane tanks are available for installation (above and underground).

Contact us if you need a service consultation for your specific needs or a price quote to compare to your current propane company. We are ready to compete for the opportunity to serve you.


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